Russell Brand attacked in British media

Brilliant, Russell Brand ia amazing

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 22 June 2014 video from London, England is called Russell Brand speaks at The People’s Assembly Anti-Austerity Protest.

By Seamus Jennings in Britain:

Who are the real false prophets

Saturday 15th November 2014

Russell Brand deserves praise for making us think again about what revolution is and its relevance to a modern, liberal society, argues SEAMUS JENNINGS

Nigel Farage can be fairly described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a modern day Enoch Powell, with a party whose PR resources work overdrive 24/7 to try to prevent its octogenarian ranks from saying something not just euphemistically racist.

But another man has also recently been called out for being a naked populist, moneyed hypocrite, extreme thinker and a clown. The difference with Russell Brand is that his vilification is much more worrying.

Here we have a man who is not preaching hate but talking of love…

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