Suicide and silence: why depressed men are dying for somebody to talk to

Suicide and silence: why depressed men are dying for somebody to talk to

“A lot of people say suicide is a selfish act but, in that frame of mind, if you’re about to kill yourself, you just don’t see anything better.”  I can understand that this true for many.  Being in a state of mind were all is a loss.  Everything in your life seems to going downhill,  negatively.  You endeavour,  endlessly to put things right.  Although,  each and every turn something else occurs and takes you ten steps back.  Feels like a massive hole of despair and anxiety.

Depression is an awful,  sad and to the individual destructive. For instance,  the recent sad story of Robin Williams. Highlighting that popularity,  success and even wealth.  No body is immune to the quandary of the many issues surrounding depression and mental illness.

The mind,  complex and often so self destive.  Suffering depression,  in that sense if time and space is explosive.  I would describe as a small bomb,  with a very short fuse. Any external action,  behaviour or negative comment will light it.  Personally I have experienced the same issues raised in the article.   No words can describe the sadness I feel for those individuals,  what ever gender, that haven’t been fortunate to get help and support they needed.

At last I am glad to see issues such as these being aired and newsworthy. However,  what worries me is the rate and density of these savage cuts.  Hitting those individuals already at a very low point in their lives. Moreover,  I can see some newspapers using this,  again,  to target the weakest amoung us.

Reading the newspapers lately is like viewing obituaries of so many who have been,  I was going to say let down.  Although I will say it is callous,  targeted infringement of human rights. Like,  Stephanie Bottrill sadly took her life because of the bedroom tax.  Thankfully,  Jake Mills in this article received help and support and is alive.

However,  hundreds of thousands have not.  like David Clapson
who died last year with an empty stomach and just £3.44 in his bank account after his benefits had been stopped. Sad times we are living

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