Lynton Crosby’s staff deleted valid criticism from Wikipedia

Yet again the true face of politics rears its ugly head. Although, it doesn’t surprise considering what’s been occurring the last few years. Specifically within the media, politics, police and specifically MP’s. Since the MP’s money scandal there as never been so much proliferation of demonizing those receiving welfare.  It reminds me of my university days reading Stanley Cohan’s Moral Panics and Folk Devils. The creation of Mods and Rockers. Also Jock Young deviance amplification. Money, Power and Politics.

I can understand why this government, with the use of more legislation by way of using the notion of a child abuse moral panic want to bring in more regulation. Makes me wonder what are they hiding

Politics and Insights

The Conservative election guru’s staff engaged in an ‘edit-war’ to delete details of his links with the tobacco industry and his election strategies from Wikipedia.

A Channel 4 News investigation has found that substantial sections were removed from the Wikipedia page of Lynton Crosby, an Australian political strategist, by staff at the Crosby Textor consultancy firm that he co-founded.

On 15 July last year, accounts linked to Crosby Textor staff deleted multiple times sections on the controversy when the Conservative party dropped its policy for plain cigarette packaging.

The policy on cigarette packs has been revived after a review, but at the time the press linked the policy being dropped to Crosby Textor representing the tobacco giant Philip Morris.

The deleted section includes a call by a Liberal Democrat MP for Lynton Crosby to be sacked.

Wikipedia editors reverted the changes, leading the Crosby Textor linked-staff to again make the…

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