Does everyone have a right to a summer holiday?

Does everyone have a right to a summer holiday?

What an excellent idea. Unfortunately,  narratives such as this  from Germanys opposition party I very much doubt will be viewed by this government as a positive one.

However I believe the comments: “For decades, parties on both sides of the Westminster divide have competed to devise ever more cruel and draconian ways to make benefits claimants ever less comfortable.

Of course, they claim they are being cruel to be kind, with all the credibility of the school bully who sneers “you will thank me for this lesson one day” as he grinds your face into the dirt. Our tabloids and broadcasters replicate this with ever more lurid and atypical portraits of scroungers and cheats.” Says it all. 

I do believe in a government who treats their citizens with compassion,  honesty, and  upholds the law.  I dismiss the idealogy of a full nanny state. Although,  I do believe in a government who creates policy for overlooking and taking care of those less fortunate.  Creating it with a view from the top down,  from the wealthiest to the poorest.

For those who,  for no fault of their own have fell on hard times.  They may have disabilities, mental health issues,   unemployed and so on. Require the full support from their government

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