Class War 2014: The Rich Kids of Snapchat

Frightening, a country we have become. Super rich kids, with I suppose even richer parents. The items they own and worship is disturbing, and disgusting. I feel disgusted with this country sometimes. Not with Britain its self, which I love. It is what we are becoming politically, although some would argue it as always been this way. A divisional country, with monarchy at the top. Where see the top 1‰ having all the wealth. Where we witness the gap between the richest and poor growing ever more wider. A country constantly blaming the poor for the misgivings and mistakes of all. Constantly holding back what money there is. So the rich become richer when the poor, inclusive of children stay and further their misery. What a country or world it would be if we could all ve equal. I can’t imagine the wealthiest would manage without their money

Westminster Confidential

Bullingdon : The earlier generation before Rich Kids on Snapshot Bullingdon : The earlier generation before Rich Kids of Snapshot

If ever David Cameron’s claim that we are all in it together needed to be proved false, look at a site on Facebook called the Rich Kids of Snapchat.

Set up by a 17 year old British public schoolboy and liked by 244,000 people this site celebrates the life style of the super rich public schoolboys – the new generation expecting to run Britain in a decade or so.

Far from having any concern for the rest of us, this ” fun ” site worships money, fast cars, Gucci, luxury yachts and private jets,champagne and has an unhealthy interest in guns.

It is virtually the calling card of the new ” Bullingdon Club ” and the kids know they are the new ” boss class ” – the future generation of Tory Cabinet ministers, entrepreneurs and flashy businessmen and…

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