Admit it UK charities – you were conned by Cameron and his so-called ‘Big Society’ garbage

Well explained, I think cameron also his conservative chums will have to have many excuses to justify their actions to get out of this. The mail and other outlets who follow this group of unethical, evil and corrupt individuals shoud be brought to justice. It all becoming similar to the naratives heard or read following WW2. Thankfully, we now have the capabilties and thecnology. Blogs simalar to this or many others like facebook and so on across the WWW. The message or lifestories need to be sent out. Hopefully, messages of human suffering, more importanly the human cost of this governments sadistic evil policies.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s coalition Britain)

Well now. Sir Stephen Bubb – the head of the association of chief executives of voluntary organisations – has written a letter to David Cameron about how disappointed charities are with the coalition government for not implementing Cameron’s so-called ‘Big Society’.

Not only are charities not being given a lead role in any Big Society – but in fact Sir Bubb complains that UK charities are now being ‘crippled’ by coalition austerity.

I’m sorry to say this – but I’ve got little sympathy for Sir Bubb and the organisations he represents. Because if charities really did fall for Cameron’s BS garbage – they must have been all a bunch of gullible idiots.

I’ll tell you what Cameron meant by his BS bollocks and it’s nothing to do with helping people with or without charities.

The Big Society was all about destroying the welfare state – pure and…

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