From 2013: Gove’s Connections to Murdoch’s Online Education Business

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Commend him for announcing the Savile investigation

Michael Gove, former Murdoch journalist and supporter of Murdoch’s plans to expand into British education. And privatise it.

This is from Private Eye for 1st – 14th November 2014.

More on the close relationship between education secretary Michael Gove, former Times journalist, and the US online education business owned by his old boss, Rupert Murdoch.

Gove responded to the recent one-day strike by British teachers by going to Boston on one of his frequent fact-finding trips to learn from US schools policy. The highpoint was the keynote speech he gave to the annual conference of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a “reform” charity founded by Jeb Bush, brother of former US president George “Dubya”. The event was funded by Rupert Murdoch’s online education firm, Amplify, a regular supporter of Bush events.

Amplify wants to replace trained teachers with online material supplied by Murdoch’s News Corp; but its computer systems…

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