Top Tory Bernard Ingham calls relatives of Hillsborough victims ‘contemptible’

The more I read and see what utter comtempt these supposedly learned and high priofile figures have it amazes me. I was watching the game when this awful disater occured. When so many innocent victims lost their lives. Then years of lies , cover ups and curroption by the police. Years upon years the victims and their families confronted brick walls. Fighting and seeking what they were entitled to, truth and justice. I totally agree Bernard Ingram shows little honour or very little respect, and I supose he dosen’t give a toss neither. Take away his title and all the others who where behind this tragic Hillsborough dister

Pride's Purge

(not satire -it’s the Tories)

If I had my way, former chief press secretary to Margaret Thatcher ‘Sir’ Bernard Ingham would be stripped of his title.

After all the title ‘sir’ is supposed to represent honour and respect and there’s nothing honourable or respectful about the way Ingham has over many years consistently abused the people who lost loved ones in such a tragic way in the Hillsborough disaster.

Ingham sent a letter in 1996 to a Liverpool fan whose friend had died in the disaster in which he told grieving relatives that they should “shut up” about Hillsborough:

Hillsborough disaster ‘Shut up about Hillsborough’: Sir Bernard Ingham not sorry for blaming Liverpool ‘mob’ for deaths of the 96

And now yet another disgraceful letter sent by Ingham to a Liverpool fan regarding Hillsborough has come to light.

This letter was revealed by Scott Twigg – and was addressed to his stepfather’s…

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